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Board Members

Paul Schumann


Devin Berry


Rosemary Ulhorn


Jane Ulhorn



DiAnn Beall, Justin Williams, Laurence Walters, 

Neena Main, Andrea Valentine, Joe Emmerich, 

Rocky Carr

Other Members


Greg Wiggans, Tom Nowak

Tractor Show

Kenneth & Dale Maloney

Car & Bike Show

Krystal Williams

Crafts and Flea Market

Krystal Williams

Tractor Pull

Devin & Courtney Berry

Horse Fun Show

Courtney Berry

Baby Show/Little Mr & Mrs

Rosemary Ulhorn

Flywheel Kitchen Rental

Krystal & Justin Williams


Established in 1980 by a small group of men and women who enjoyed the sound, sight, and smell of good old gas engines. They soon realized their gas engines were just a small part of the Macon County Area Heritage. They expanded the club's mission to preserve our past by inviting anyone who collected items of the late 19th and early 20th Century to be a part of the club.

For over 20 plus years, the club is certainly no small part of the community. We have members from all over the surrounding area, including out of state.

We have two large museums full of collectible items that are both club property and on loan. The museums can be toured at any time by appointment. During the last full weekend of each July (including Thursday and Friday), the club holds its annual reunion. The museums are open each day but at that time are only a small part of the event. During the reunion, the 40 acres Macon County Park is a bee hive of displayed collectibles, activities, steam engines, steam tractors, gas engines, tractors, machinery, cars, and trucks. Many are often running to show how things were done in years gone by. 

The reunion includes free entertainment, a large flea market, good food, and lots of friendly folks willing to share their fun with you. We invite you to the Macon Area and to be a part of our heritage.

No matter what style, make, model or size the Old Time Flywheel Reunion probably has it!